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An interim note for AW#45

This is a quick note for AW#45. Up to now, I have received 18 contributions for the AW#45 “Geological Pilgrimage”. Thank you! As far as I know, at least one post is still on its way (that is mine one :P). … Continue reading

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Most Important Teacher – AW#44

In Chinese, we have a phase “薪火相傳”, which literally means “to pass the flame”. And  actually the phase has a deeper meaning, which is “to pass the knowledge and good traditions to the next generation”. I am a very lucky … Continue reading

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AW#45 Geological Pilgrimage – Call for Posts

I am happy to host the 4645th Accretionary Wedge geoscience blog carnival. The topic I have chosen is: Geological Pilgrimage – the sacred geological place that you must visit at least once in your lifetime  Because the topic may slightly overlap … Continue reading

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Most Memorable Geological Event – AW#41

The most memorable geological event that I had directly experienced occurred when I was at the final year of my undergrad. It was a rockfall – a man-induced one. My final year thesis was to investigate the geological strucutures in … Continue reading

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Holiday Geology Picture (3): Permafrost, Northern Xinjiang, China

Happy holiday! Well, today is the last day of the 4-day-long Christmas holiday in Hong Kong. Many of us will have to go back to work tomorrow…So, I am trying my best to enjoy myself. I have chosen a picture … Continue reading

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Holiday Geology Picture (2): Yardang, Gansu, NW China

Happy Boxing Day! I am continuing my Holiday Geology Picture series. The geology picture I have here is from Mainland China. This is a landscape called “Yardang” in Chinese. It means a series of small mounds formed by wind erosion. The … Continue reading

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Holiday Geology Picture: Mt Showa Shinzan, Hokkaido

Last week, Evelyn of Georneys posted a series of geology pictures for the geology picture-a-day week.  Some other geobloggers also shared some very interesting geology pictures. Well, I must confess that I am a SLOW person, and could not catch up with … Continue reading

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Back to School – AW#38

This month’s Accretionary Wedge topic is “Back to School”, hosted by Anne Jefferson. Anne has asked us to share “about the things that we don’t often learn or teach in school but that may turn out to be quite important … Continue reading

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Kinky Columns

  I was inspired by Callan’s interesting post last week on the patterns of some cooling columns.  Callan has explained, using some nice illustrations, the concept that the cooling joints are formed perpendicular to the cooling front (or thermal gradient), and … Continue reading

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My Favourite Geology Word AW#35

This is my first time joining the Accretionary Wedge Geoscience Blog Carnival. The current topic for AW#35 is “What is your favourite geology word?” (hosted by Georneys). My favourite geology word is this one — MYLONITE Definition: A fault rock which … Continue reading

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