Holiday Geology Picture: Mt Showa Shinzan, Hokkaido

Last week, Evelyn of Georneys posted a series of geology pictures for the geology picture-a-day week.  Some other geobloggers also shared some very interesting geology pictures.

Well, I must confess that I am a SLOW person, and could not catch up with the speed of the geoblogsphere. So, my geology picture meme comes a little bit late. And I am calling this series “Holiday Geology Picture” because the pictures I am going to share here were taken while I was on holiday, and they are posted on “holiday”.

The first picture is Mt Showa Shinzan, Hokkaido, Japan (taken in Oct 2010). It is a young volcanic  dome formed between 1943 and 1945.

There was a display panel describing the volcano:

“A series of violent earthquakes, sometimes over 200 large tremors in one day, occurred from December 1943 until April 1944. The result was the transformation of wheat fields into a raised plateau 50 m high. The first volcanic eruptions started on June 23, 1944, from one crater and continued for four months, destroying the wheat fields, houses and railroads. As a result, this area turned into the egg-shaped plateau, 300 m above sea
level. And seven crater were founded [sic]. In November 1994, lava started rising from the central crater and continued unitl September 1945. At last, the altitude was 407 m. But smoke is still spouting from the reddish-brown peak, which instantly recognisable by its unique pyramid shape.
Because Mt Showa Shinzan was born at the end of the WWII, the military kept this fact a secret. So, satistactory investigation couldn’t be done. Under this situation, Mr. Masao Mimatsu (1888-1977), the postmaster of the district, investigated the development of Mt. Showa Shinzan in detail. His records are valuable scientific data to analyse these unique volcanic activities.”

This is the development record of the volcanic dome drawn by Mr. Mimatsu.

And, Happy Holiday!

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