Holiday Geology Picture (3): Permafrost, Northern Xinjiang, China

Happy holiday! Well, today is the last day of the 4-day-long Christmas holiday in Hong Kong. Many of us will have to go back to work tomorrow…So, I am trying my best to enjoy myself.

I have chosen a picture of my year-2005 trip to Xinjiang for today’s “Holiday Geology Picture”. The trip was a kind of adventure, because I was on horse-back for 4 days with three other friends to visit some remote places in northern Xinjiang. The places were so remote that there was no proper accommodation and we had to stay with the nomads at night. We rode across grasslands and valleys, and visited small isolated villages.

On one of the days, we crossed a saddle where the permafrost was melting. It was a pity that we did not bring our GPS with us, and I could not recall the exact location of this place. It was close to the county of Altai at the northern tip of Xinjiang. We rode passed many small lakes formed by the melting permafrost and enjoyed the views of mountain chains. The place was beautiful, part of it was because the place was so peaceful.

The trip was very memorable, because there was an accident on the final day of our horse-riding. The horses walked leisurely for most of the time of the trip. But, suddenly they all got mad and started to run. I was lucky because I managed to control my horse before it ran too fast. But for my friends, they just couldn’t stop the horses. I could see that they got thrown down from the horse back one by one. Almost unbelievably, they got only minor scratches…

This is a picture of us riding happily before the accident.

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