AW#45 Geological Pilgrimage – Call for Posts

I am happy to host the 4645th Accretionary Wedge geoscience blog carnival. The topic I have chosen is:

Geological Pilgrimage – the sacred geological place that you must visit at least once in your lifetime 

Because the topic may slightly overlap the previous AW#16 – Geologists’t List, I would like to define the pilgrimage as a single place, which is “geologically” unique,  relatively remote, and requires some difficulty to get to.  If you have already done your geological pilgrimage, please share with us your experience. If you are still planning your pilgrimage, then let us know where your sacred geological spot is and why.

Please post a link of your post in the comment below, or via Twitter @denisetang). The due date for handing in is 30th April 2012, but you will definitely get a couple of extra days (or a week) before a summary is posted.


(Oops…I got the number wrong. It should be Accretionary Wedge #45.)
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29 Responses to AW#45 Geological Pilgrimage – Call for Posts

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  2. Hollis says:

    terrific topic! very thought-provoking, thanks

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  5. Here’s mine, the Assynt District, Scotland. Home of the Moine Thrust.

  6. Hollis says:

    This is a contribution from my geologist friend, Danny Rosen. He doesn’t have his own blog … yet … so we put it up at my site.

  7. lockwooddewitt says:

    Okay, it’s a short and perfunctory post, but I can’t allow Death Valley to be excluded from this list.

  8. lockwooddewitt says:

    Okay, my comment didn’t how up. Let’s try again. Here’s mine, on Death Valley.

  9. on-the-rocks says:

    Back in 1974, after my Sophomore year at Georgia Southern, I traveled across the Western U.S., with only a Kodak Instamatic camera. 😦 Saw Yellowstone, Yosemite, Sequoia, Carlsbad Caverns,… no good pictures. 😦

    My “pilgrimage” would be a recreation of that 1974 route, with a few new side trips. Here ’tis:

  10. Matt Herod says:

    Here is my addition on Iceland.

    By the way, are there any volunteers for AW46?

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  14. Nate says:

    I know this is past the deadline, but am hoping I’m not too late for the summary post. In any case, here’s my first ever AW submission!

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  16. Ron Schott says:

    I’m late too, but I think I’ve settled on a worthy destination: Geological Pilgrimage: Töshük Tagh (Shipton’s Arch)

  17. find me a time machine

  18. Silver Fox says:

    I couldn’t get WordPress to link to my website, and it took about a half hour to let it sign me in! ugh wordpress.

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