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Most Important Teacher – AW#44

In Chinese, we have a phase “薪火相傳”, which literally means “to pass the flame”. And  actually the phase has a deeper meaning, which is “to pass the knowledge and good traditions to the next generation”. I am a very lucky … Continue reading

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AW#45 Geological Pilgrimage – Call for Posts

I am happy to host the 4645th Accretionary Wedge geoscience blog carnival. The topic I have chosen is: Geological Pilgrimage – the sacred geological place that you must visit at least once in your lifetime  Because the topic may slightly overlap … Continue reading

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Most Memorable Geological Event – AW#41

The most memorable geological event that I had directly experienced occurred when I was at the final year of my undergrad. It was a rockfall – a man-induced one. My final year thesis was to investigate the geological strucutures in … Continue reading

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